Don't Dim Your Light

confidence online dating self-love self-worth Dec 08, 2021

I am too accomplished… that's why men aren't messaging me online.

They see that MBA on my profile and it's an instant turnoff. I just know it. 👩🏻‍🎓

Maybe I should dumb myself down.

It's less intimidating if I only have an undergraduate degree.

I bet I'll get more messages if I take it down a notch.

This was my actual inner dialog back when I was dating online.

I was frustrated that I wasn't getting more attention online.

I thought the solution was to hide the part of myself I thought was the problem.

In other words, dim my light to appear more attractive to someone who would be intimidated by my accomplishments.

At the time it was more important for me to get noticed than to be proud of myself.

Or if I'm honest, loving all of myself.

Because the truth is, when you love yourself, you don't consider dimming your light for anyone.

Period. End of story.

It was a hard lesson learned, but I embrace all that I am now.

Sassy. Outspoken. Wicked smart. And funny as hell. 😉

Good thing. Because my darling husband loves all of that about me.

Had I hidden all of those things about myself, he'd have found out eventually.

He may have felt duped by my omission and the relationship would have ended.

And I'd be right back where I started, only a little older and no less fabulous.

So, to all my accomplished ladies out there…


You are extraordinary, desirable and loveable. ❤

Just as you are, right now, today.

Don't dim your light for anyone.

The world needs your light. ✨

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