How to Create a Self-Care Ritual

self-care self-love Apr 27, 2022

Penny for your shower thoughts?

I just had a huge epiphany… in the shower.

Anyone else, er, just me? 😊

I've been thinking a lot lately about self-care.

How we typically describe it (i.e. hot bath, massages, an afternoon to yourself).

But it's SO much more than that.

Think about this question…

How do you care for yourself?

What comes up for you?

How do you care for your mind?

Read a stimulating book? Take a class? Go to therapy?

How do you care for your body?

Workout regularly? Eat healthfully? Get your groove on? 😉

And your soul?

Chase your dreams? Believe in possibilities? Prioritize your joy?

Now, how often are you doing these things?

Where are you imbalanced?

It is my hope for you that you're doing some of these things weekly, if not daily.


Because you can't pour from an empty cup. ☕

We all live crazy, busy lives, full of commitments.

And we can't give our best if we're depleted.

And if you're honest with yourself, there is probably more you need to be saying no to so you're not depleted in the first place! 🛑

Don't you hate it when I get in your head like that?

So, when are you going to prioritize your self-care?

What are you going to start saying no to?

Fill that cup, y'all! ❤️

Want some help creating your self-care rituals? Check out my Love Yourself Essentials here.