Real Life is Better Than "The Bachelor"

confidence dating advice marriage self-worth Dec 22, 2021

Are you looking for a Insta-worthy engagement story, or a lifelong partnership and marriage?

Tonight, as I was channel-surfing, I stumbled upon the Bachelor and for whatever reason watched for a few minutes.

I was quickly reminded of why I don't tune in.

And don't get me wrong, I used to. But I have wised up!

Drama, drama, drama.

Big, dramatic engagements that go nowhere.

Not to mention the "contestants" who look like models... not like the 98% of us that are actually out here in the real world trying to find love.

This show is a perfect example of why many women have screwed up views on love.

It is our example, whether we think it impacts us or not.

Games are part the dating process and I need to learn how to play.

If emotions aren't running high, it's not love.

I'm not thin enough to be loveable.

I need to look like them to get my happily ever after.

Here's the truth...

If a man likes you, he'll make it abundantly clear.

If you feel calm, relaxed and certain around him, it's a good sign!

You are worthy today, just as you are, and don't need to change a thing.

Attraction is based on more than your dress size... and there are men who PREFER curves!

My husband and I have a VERY dramatic engagement story.

After a nice dinner out, we were lounging around at home on New Year's Eve trying to stay awake for midnight.

We had already discussed marriage and knew we were each other's one and only.

So the conversation turned to when we'd like to get married.

And we decided on the following fall.

No dramatic engagement surprise.

No waiting months for him to decide how it would go down and/or find the perfect moment.

We loved each other.

We communicated our desires.

And it was forever. So we made a plan to make it official.

It was perfect. There was no anxiety or doubt. 

Made for TV drama is entertainment, not real life.

Let's remember the difference when dating in the real world.

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