Are You Settling on The Wrong Guy?

confidence dating with intention self-worth Sep 29, 2021

I've seen it dozens of times… and I've done it myself. Settling on the wrong guy.

After all, no one is perfect, right?

While this is true, I've seen too many brilliant, extraordinary women compromise themselves into the wrong relationship.

An unsettling experience here, a red flag there, and the next thing you know it's been two years and you've invested too much to just walk away.

Maybe you were mistaken or misunderstood, maybe it will change or get better.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your intuition was right and it likely won't change or get better. When people show you who they are, BELIEVE THEM.

Have the courage to walk away if it doesn't align with what you need to be happy, content and relaxed in your relationship.

Relationships get to be easy, if you allow it. Of course there will be disagreements and misunderstandings, we're human.

But if you want happiness, ease and peace in your relationship, then that's what you should have.

Don't settle. Don't stay because you've invested a lot of time, energy and effort to make it work. You are extraordinary. And you deserve to have the relationship of your dreams. ❤️