Are You Waiting to Date?

confidence dating with intention Jul 14, 2021

Are you waiting to date? Until things settle down at work? Until you reach your goal weight? Until you’re less busy?

I used to wait too… and it was perfectly logical. But if I’m honest, it was also just an excuse.

An excuse to avoid getting hurt again. An excuse to avoid rejection. An excuse to not face how I was responsible for my love life, or lack thereof.

If you desire big love with a partner who sees you, cherishes you and supports you, you’ve got to stop waiting and get out there!

You will definitely go out with some guys who are NOT a fit, not by a long shot! But that should be expected. You are extraordinary! It will take a special man to be your match!

So stop waiting for the perfect scenario and put yourself out there. Get online, ask friends to set you up, smile at the cute guy in the grocery store.

It may take some time, but it will be worth it. Or you could stay in your comfort zone and wake up a few years from now wondering why you’re still single.

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