Dating with Intention

confidence dating advice dating with intention self-love Aug 17, 2022

Meet Nick.

My husband. The love of my life. My soul's mate. 😍

I didn't always believe in soulmates.

Not because I didn't feel it in my heart and my bones that he was out there…

But because society told me that was too much to ask for.

That the odds of finding someone so perfectly matched for me was a one to one million chance.

So I believed the naysayers… for a while.

But after dating the 'traditional' way and not having fulfilling relationships, I decided to get really intentional about my perfect match.

I also accepted that it may take me some time to find him.

But I was certain. He was out there and we would find our way to each other.

It was only a matter of time.

And soulmate love was worth waiting for.

So I stopped wasting time on men who I knew weren't the one.

I didn't compromise myself into the wrong relationship.

I was firm in my must haves and deal breakers.

I also started giving myself what I thought only a relationship could offer.

Unconditional love.

Yep. Loving and caring for myself in a way I never had.

Because hey, if I won't give myself the time and attention, why would a man?

These shifts moved mountains.

I met my soulmate a short 6 months later.

Having him in my life is better than I ever imagined. ❤

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