Find the Ying to Your Yang

dating with intention Jun 16, 2021

It’s easy to confuse familiarity with compatibility.

Dating someone with the same ambition and success as you can feel like the right fit… but is it what you truly need?

What if what you really need is someone who will encourage you to take those vacation days or to slow down when you’re overworking yourself?

Being with someone who lives life at a different pace can be just the balance you need to live a truly fulfilling life.

When you each have different strengths and skills, you are unstoppable as a team.

I may be biased. I love teamwork and my husband and I make a great team. And we have VERY different occupations and aspirations.

Our compatibility comes from our shared values and lifestyle, strong communication and acceptance of one another, just as we are.

He’s the ying to my yang. ☯ He’s relaxed when I’m anxious. I’m the planner and project manager when he wings it.

And it’s divine! You should try it sometime! 😘

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