How I Manifested My Husband

dating with intention law of attraction marriage Mar 30, 2022

I love telling people about the time I created a really LONG list of the traits I was looking for in a partner.

We're talking 30+ line items. 😳

They usually look at me like I'm crazy.

Because the typical advice is to keep your list of must haves short…

You know, to keep your options open.

So we're feeling defeated before we've even begun?

I don't think so.

I believe in abundance.

And soulmates. True love. ❤

I knew my perfect person was out there.

But I had to be clear on what made him perfect for me before I went out looking for him!

So I made the list and then I tucked it away.

I continued to meet men and date.

When I noticed he was missing an essential must have or had a major deal breaker, I walked away. Fast.

He wasn't going to miraculously have that thing that was important to me.

And I certainly wasn't going to count on him changing for me.

His other traits weren't going to make up for the others he was lacking.

The longer I stayed with the wrong guy, the farther away I was from my true love.

Was it scary? You bet.

Did I have moments of doubt? Occasionally.

But it always came back to this… I knew he was out there and I believed with everything I had that we would find each other.

And a short 6 months later, I met Nick.

The man of my dreams, the love of my life and my soul's mate.

He matched 95% of my list.

He didn't have blue eyes and liked cats, not dogs.

But he was funny, intelligent, honest and always acted with integrity.

You know, the important stuff. 😉

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