How To Be Irresistible

confidence dating advice self-worth Oct 27, 2021

Other coaches will teach you "how to be irresistible".

What to say or text to get the guy.

You won't find that here.

Because you don't need to change anything about yourself to attract love.

You are perfect, just as you are.

You may need to be reminded of that…

To build your belief in that truth…

To shift your mindset about "what men want".

Traditional dating advice positions men as the prize to be won over.

By your feminine charms, flirty texts and perfectly played dating game.

I call bullshit.

Now, if operating in this way feels good to you, you do you.

But if you've landed in my orbit, it probably makes you feel uncomfortable.

At worst, it makes you feel like you're not desirable if you don't do these things.

And that makes my heart hurt.

No one should be made to feel not good enough.

Especially in the pursuit of love!

It is also a disservice to men.

Not all men want that woman.

I would argue more men want someone who's REAL.

Someone who is open, warm, receptive and genuine.

Who knows herself, what she wants and who will add to her happiness.

This allows you both to know very quickly whether you're a match or not.

Here's the best part…

A woman who knows herself, what she wants and what will add to her happiness is a CONFIDENT WOMAN.

She doesn't need to mislead someone to get their attention.

Because she knows she's perfectly imperfect, just as she is.

She knows that the right man will be attracted to her effortlessly.

And the wrong ones will just pass her by, not wasting her time.

In summary…

Being uniquely you, is what makes you irresistible. ❤️

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