How to Create Your Soulmate Wish List

dating with intention intuition law of attraction online dating Jul 20, 2022

Ready to make your list?!


Start by listing your core values.

Core values are principles or beliefs that you hold most dear and that are of central importance in your life.

These are your guideposts.

It is highly likely that if a potential partner violates one of these core values, it will create a rift in the relationship or make it difficult build a life together.

I recommend including ALL of these on your wish list to ensure your future partner has similar views of the world and you fundamentally agree on what's most important in this life.

Next up, establish your must haves and set your deal breakers.

I want you keep both of these in mind as you ponder the following…

Reflect on your past relationships.

What worked?

What didn’t?

What is essential in your next relationship?

What do you never want to put up with again?

Think about couples you admire. What makes their relationship special?

What do they do that you want in your next relationship?

Okay, hopefully your list includes some fun and playful things too. Sexual compatibility, anyone?! 😉

Consider what hobbies or activities you hope to share with your future partner?

Do they have pets? Do they like to travel?

Note all of the things you want to share with a partner.

Keep writing until you run out of words.

Now, review the list.

How does it feel?

Are you excited at the prospect of meeting this man?

Hell yes you are!

Are you worried he doesn't exist?

Don't be.

You may not believe in him yet, but you will. 💫

And I'll show you how in an upcoming post.

Until then, feel into the feeling of meeting this man and how amazing it's going to be! ❤

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