How To Date Online

dating advice dating with intention online dating Jul 21, 2021

Online dating. Full of possibilities or scary as hell?!

As nice as it would be to meet someone 'organically' in person, now that we're getting our groceries delivered and have Zoom parties, those opportunities seem to be dwindling. 🙂

Online dating HAS to be a tool in your toolbox if you're looking for love. And for the record, it is scary AND creates possibilities!

My husband and I met on Match. We would not have met in real life. We might not have met online either, if he hadn't have expanded his age range in the search and found me.

I was not looking for an older man and he wasn't looking for a sugar baby. 😂 But here we are, seven years apart and perfect for one another.

Is online dating hard? Sure. But like everything else, once you learn the ropes it gets easier. Here are my key tips for success:

👉 Remain flexible. He may not look exactly the way you pictured, but that doesn't make him any less of a match for you. Prioritize shared values and vision for the future and you'll be on the right track.

👉Expect to meet some frogs. Go into it with the right expectations... you likely won't meet Mr. Wonderful on the third try. That is to be expected and it's okay. Keep the faith that he's out there.

👉Know that you're enough and worthy of the love the desire. Don't settle. Trust that your soulmate is out there and you are on your way to one another. It's only a matter of time, so don't compromise on someone who's 'almost' what you're looking for. Wait for Extraordinary. ❤

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