How to Date with Intention

dating advice dating with intention May 25, 2022

Did you feel prepared to date?

Did your parents give you gobs of good advice on how to meet and then subsequently select your future partner?

You know, did they prepare you for it with the same diligence they did for college?

I suspect the answer is a resounding and loud HELL NO! 💯

I was not prepared either, so it's no wonder that I was woefully unprepared when I finally decided to get serious about finding Mr. Wonderful.

Thankfully, or perhaps not, I am an investigator. 🤓

I'm curious, a seeker of knowledge.

So down the rabbit hole I went!

Like Alice, what I discovered was both magical and frightening all at once!

While there were horror stories, my mind had been exaggerating how prevalent they really were.

And being the romantic that I was, I was elated to see the love stories.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway was that I got to decide how my story would end.

I was in charge of my experience.

I could continue to blindly fumble around and hope that the my perfect match would fall into my lap…

Or I could get intentional.

Decide what I was looking for.

What my deal breakers were.

How I would allow men to treat me.

But the secret sauce?

There's some magic too. 💫

And magic is fucking awesome!

My advice?

Don't let the frightening stories take over your thoughts…

Love and magic will prevail… if you choose to believe that they will.

I'm delighted to report that I am one of those amazing love stories.

And it's not elusive as you think. ❤

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