It's Never Too Late

dating advice Oct 13, 2021

Do you ever feel like it's too late for you?

That you've been single for too long?

Maybe you're over 40 and have never been married.

Here's what I know... it is NEVER too late. ⏰

I met my husband when I was 39. We were married when I was 40. He was 47. Also never married.

I like to joke that we're late bloomers, which we are, but we were also discerning.

After waiting as long as we did, we weren't going to settle on someone who wasn't the one.

And the best part about dating as a "mature" adult is that we both knew what we were looking for and what were deal breakers. (please note: my husband is still a teenaged boy in many ways 😂)

We were confident in ourselves and knew what kind of person would add to our happiness.

So all we had to do was get out, meet people and decide if they fit the bill.

If they didn't, no big deal. We knew we would find our person eventually. And we did!

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