Know What You Want

dating with intention law of attraction self-worth Aug 18, 2021

I cannot overstate this enough…

When you’re looking to attract the love of your life, KNOW what you want.

Make a list. 📝 Get clear on your must haves and deal breakers. Don’t leave it to chance.

I used to believe that I couldn’t have it all in a man. That I needed to be flexible. That I needed to compromise. That no one is perfect.

While this is true, and my husband is not perfect, he is 98% of my list and his imperfections pale in comparison to the wonderful man that he is… for me.

Don’t settle. He IS out there. You might have to kiss a few 🐸, but this is the rest of your life we’re talking about!

So get started today! Don’t be afraid to put down on paper what’s important to you in a partner.

Then when you meet someone who you think might be the one, you can compare them to your list.

When you’re in like or ❤️, it’s easy to dismiss your desires because you’re excited about your new prospect.

But I’ve seen too many women, myself included, compromise themselves into the wrong relationship.

Be intentional and honest with yourself from the start and you’ll save a lot of time and energy spent on the wrong guy.

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