Letting Go of the Past

dating advice dating with intention law of attraction online dating May 11, 2022

The biggest obstacle I had to overcome on my path to everlasting love was letting go of the past.

I have loved four men in my life.

My first love was in high school.

We were young and loved like we had never been hurt because, well, we hadn't!

But we naturally grew apart and there was little hurt at the end for either of us.

My second love was in college. Graduation created a 2000-mile divide between us.

The breakup was vague, like a door had been left open.

Every time I would try to move on, he'd come back around. Subtly reminding me of what we had.

Then finally, an announcement. He was engaged. I was crushed.

I felt led on, while at the same time, blaming myself for being dupped.

And I didn't even want him, per se. I wanted what he represented.


So naturally, I closed off my heart and focused on my career, friends and travel for the next 5 years.

Until I woke up one day, predictably alone, and finally willing to risk it all again.

But I was out of practice. I didn't know what the hell I was doing.

So I read all the articles, bought the coaching programs and got myself online.

Plenty of trial and error later, I met number three.

I thought he was the one.

I wanted him to be the one.

Because I was in my late 30s and time was running out.

So I put up with things I shouldn't have.

I didn't speak my truth out of fear of creating ripples.

And I was miserable.

Until one day I had the courage to leave, despite the wasted time and energy.

I was 38. Starting over again.

But now I knew what I wanted. I knew what was important.

I took everything I had learned about love and got back out there.

And a short eight months later, I met Nick. Number four and the love of my life.

Your past doesn't define your future, it gives you clarity and that's the ultimate gift.

Clarity on what you want in a relationship and why you want it.

So that you can go out and Date with Intention.

And meet the love of YOUR life.

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