New Year Resolutions

May 06, 2021

I used to make New Year Resolutions… to finally lose the weight and get healthy. This would be the year I would reach that elusive goal weight and then everything in my life would be perfect. The first few weeks of the year were filled with excitement and hope. But eventually my motivation waned and I was back to eating foods I enjoyed that weren’t ‘allowed’ on my diet.


Hear me when I say, this is perfectly normal. I know that now. I didn’t back then. I believed I had failed, that I didn’t have what it takes to succeed. But the truth is the diets failed me. It’s why less than 5% of people who lose weight have kept the weight off just 5 years later. Of those who regain (MOST of us), up to two-thirds of us weigh more than when we started.


When we diet, we restrict in various ways: calories, fat, carbs, what time we eat, excessive exercise. Our body goes into conservation mode because it can’t function effectively. Our body wants to protect us, so it slows our metabolism to keep the body running on less fuel. When we can’t eat another celery stick or dry chicken breast, we seek out high calorie foods to refuel ourselves. It’s biology, not will power.


The $75B diet industry would have you believe otherwise. That you just need to try harder. Because if you’re wrong, you’ll keep coming back for the solution and spend more money. If they’re wrong, they’re out of business. It’s my mission to show as many people as possible that the diet industry is dead wrong. We’re not broken, we’ve been mislead about what healthy looks and feels like. Let’s reconnect with our bodies, truly care for it in nourishing ways and set our own standards for what healthy means to us.

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