Require More of the Men You Are Dating

dating advice online dating self-worth Nov 24, 2021

Does the idea of having "requirements" in a partner make you feel uncomfortable?

Like you're somehow limiting yourself or your options when you say it's required?

There are certain things no one should compromise on in a partner and I believe respect is one of them.

I was getting a pedicure the other day and the woman in the chair next to me was complaining about the men she has dated.

They were flaky, secretly dating other women, were rude and dismissive of her time.

As I sat in that chair next to her, I thought to myself what a wonderful world it would be if every woman decided that she was no longer available for disrespectful men who are not worthy of her!

We're quick to make an excuse for the one-off rude comment or last minute cancellation of plans.

He's a good guy. He meant well. Or he was having a rough day.

Under no circumstances should a man disrespect you in anyway.

You are Extraordinary.

You are worthy of love and respect from a man who values you.

As I always say, when a person shows you who they are, BELIEVE THEM.

Cut off all ties to men who are not deserving of your time and attention. You know who they are... your intuition is not wrong.

And every time you choose yourself over a selfish, disrespectful man, you're one step closer to attracting your soulmate.

Because you're no longer available for a man who doesn't prioritize you and let you know everyday what you mean to him.

Let's nail down your requirements so you never have to think twice about questionable behavior again. Book your Love Breakthrough Session here.