Soulmate Love is Worth Waiting For

confidence dating advice dating with intention law of attraction Aug 03, 2022

If you desire the relationship of your dreams, that will change your life in unimaginable ways, you have to remove time from the equation. ⏰

In our instant gratification society, that is damn hard.

You want to find love yesterday.

Maybe you're tired of being alone.

Or your clock is ticking and you still want children.

But putting pressure on yourself and everyone you date, pushes your desire further away.

Because you're not making decisions from a loving place.

Your fear is calling the shots.

Fear of never finding him and being alone, forever.

Fear of time running out to have kids.

So you stay too long in the wrong relationship.

Or you accept less than total respect and adoration from your partner.

Because no one is perfect and relationships take work.

But when you settle for less than what you deserve, life is a little less bright.

Your relationships should lift you up.

And add to your happiness every single day.

Isn't that worth waiting for?

Being brave and bold and accepting nothing less than the best in a life partner.

Even if it takes a little longer than you'd like.

I can confirm, it is priceless.

And when I let go of a timeline, my soulmate showed up way sooner than I anticipated.

Because the pressure was gone.

I just had to go out, have fun and see who was worthy of my love.

I believed I'd be okay either way.

And then there he was. ❤

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