Stop Overthinking Your Dating Game

confidence dating advice dating with intention online dating Jan 19, 2022

You know that woman?

The one who is always at ease around men?

She's great at attracting and capturing the attention of complete strangers for seemingly just being herself.

Yeah, that was not me. 

I sucked at meeting men in real life. 

I was always in my head, worrying. 

Am I making too much eye contact? Not enough? 

Does he know I'm interested? 

Will he approach me? 

If he does, will I say the wrong thing? 

Will he ask for my number? And then actually call? 

Oh, crap. What if he calls? Then I would have to go out with him! 

What if I don't like him? 

Suffice it to say I managed to psych the men out of approaching me with MY OWN Jedi mind tricks! 😂 

And what's up with all the questions?! 

So much self-doubt… and lack of confidence. 

I was confident in every other area of my life. 

Except my love life. 

And it was beyond frustrating. 

But soon my fear of being alone forever outweighed my fear of being seen and going on dates. 

So I went to work because if I'm anything, it's a good student. 

Learning everything I could about how to date and gain confidence. 

There were articles, coaches, online programs, and "experts" galore! 

And you know what 95% of those experts advised? 

How I could change myself to be more attractive, desirable and therefore, confident. 


I know now that's ass backwards, but at the time I bought it. 

True confidence comes from within - and I didn't need to change a thing.

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