The Power of Manifestation

dating with intention law of attraction Jul 07, 2021

Some would say we’re lucky. I say it’s available to everyone.

I intentionally manifested the love of my life.

I got really clear on what I wanted.

I made a list of all the attributes he would have. All 30 of them!

And then I got really excited about the life we were going to have together. ✨

I believed he was out there.

I lived my life as if he was already here, doing the things I wanted us to do together.

I made space for him in my life.

The universe hates a vacuum.

Six months later he arrived. 😍

We didn’t have that instant moment of knowing but after a few months, I was crystal clear. It was him.

When I showed him my list, he was in awe. Someone really was looking for someone exactly like him. ❤️

A year after we met, we were engaged. And six months later we were married.

It’s available for everyone. And I’d love to show you how.

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