What Are You Worth?

confidence equality self-worth Feb 02, 2022

50¢ on the $1

That's what women made while working side-by-side with men during WWII.

Thanks Smithsonian Channel. That one statement triggered a 10 minute rant to my husband by yours truly.

Why would that be?

I'm certain it was considered carefully. It was a calculated decision.

If women were paid as much as men…

Maybe they wouldn't want to return to homemaking when the war was over.

Because they wouldn't NEED a man to survive and pay the bills for them.

Because having a job gave them purpose and a sense of accomplishment.

And we all know what a pain in the ASS an accomplished woman is. 😜

But in all seriousness, it would have dramatically changed the "traditional" family structure that had been in place since the beginning of time.

And we couldn't have that.

Who would run the household? Take care of the kids?

So women took what they could get.

And we've been trying to catch up ever since.

But now there are more single moms than ever. And they're expected to raise children on less than their male counterpart.

All because some guy in the 1940s decided that it was more important for the women to stay home or that we were somehow "less than".

My hope for all women is that they learn that their worth is not and cannot be determined by someone else.

You know the value of your contribution… to your workplace, your home and your relationships.

And you're PRICELESS!

If you aren't appreciated, remove yourself from the situation.

Obviously, some situations are harder to leave than others.

But even one small move, like updating your resume, is enough to get the ball rolling.

You are worth more than you give yourself credit for.

Own that and work towards filling your life with people who see you and appreciate you.

Let the rest fall away.

When women own their worth, the world changes. ❤

And it's high time we shake some shit up!

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