What is Your Superpower?

confidence self-love self-worth Aug 25, 2021

Today I had a random flashback from my dating days that I just had to share.

We had met online and I think it was our second date. He asked me what I thought made me a good catch.

I told him my big heart. He said nope, that’s not good enough! Needless to say we never saw each other again.

But here’s the thing… my big heart is my super power. And when he replied in that way, it made me second guess my answer!

Seriously?! I wasn’t as confident in myself back then but I knew that if he could dismiss my genuine answer that quickly, he was not for me.

Knowing what makes you a great partner and owning that $hit is where the magic happens!

You will attract someone who loves what you love about yourself and they will honor and cherish the gifts that make you you!

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