You Are Perfect Today, Just as You Are

confidence self-love self-worth Mar 16, 2022

I saw a segment on TV this morning about a celebrity getting some plastic surgery to "make herself feel more confident".

The "reporter" and I say that loosely, was all cheerleader about if it makes you feel better, do it!

I almost threw the remote at the TV.

My husband handed me his shoe instead and that promptly hit the floor with a loud thud. 👟

Why do women do this?

Like it's empowering that we have this option available to make us feel better.

Here's what I see…

Woman is made to feel less than and bad about herself for most of her life and is presented with what she "should" look like to be attractive and desirable.

She takes this to heart and does everything she can to fit this "ideal" because that's what acceptable.

In the meantime, her mental health is declining because fitting in and being acceptable is all she can think about.

She diets, buys all the creams and beauty tools designed to help her "be her best self".

But these things really don't make her feel any better, because the line is always moving.

There's always more she can be doing to be and look better.

The saddest part is she's definitely not living up to her potential because she's preoccupied with this "ideal" and that once she's reaches the promise land, she'll be confident and worthy.

I call BULLSHIT! 💩


Why aren't aging, pregnancy weight and laugh lines celebrated?

Those are the signs of a WISE WOMAN.

She is bold, fearless and doesn't give a shit.

Personally, I am mad as hell that we're sold this line of crap.

And worse, in order to believe it, we tell ourselves it was our idea.

Take a hard look at why you think you need to change yourself and who's idea it is.

I suspect if you dig deep, you'll realize it's not your idea after all.

You don't need to change a thing, my dear. 💕

You are perfect today, just as you are.

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