You Deserve Your Love and Affection

confidence self-love self-worth Mar 02, 2022

"You yourself, as much as anyone in the entire universe, deserve your life and affection." ~ Buddha

Did your eyes roll just a little when reading that?

If so, you're not alone.

While I whole-heartedly agree with my friend Buddha, agreeing with him and actually putting it into practice are two very different things.

A lot of "self-love" advice floating around these days feels fluffy.

Like it's easy and when it proves to be more complicated, you are shamed for it.
I'm here to tell you, take all the time you need girl.

In my experience, it's VERY slow going. 🕘

Which sucks in our instant gratification culture.

And it's messy.

It requires acknowledging that our society prioritizes the wrong shit and makes us feel less than on a daily basis.

We have to reject that narrative and tune out the noise as we try to figure out what we want to believe.

What OUR truth is.

Then we have to wrestle with pain and sadness that comes from realizing we've been way too hard on ourselves for way too long.

And that it was unnecessary.

We must forgive our younger self for doing the best she could with what she had.

We have to grieve with her and for her.

For how different life could have been if she had figured it out sooner.

For missed opportunities and wasted time.

Eventually peace comes.

And we realize that we are fucking FABULOUS, just as we are.

There is nothing we need to change to be loveable or accepted.

Because your self-love + acceptance is the only thing that matters. ❤️

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